Las Vegas Escort Jody   

Couples Love Escorts, But You Knew That Already :)

Of course, you already knew that couples love escorts and now I am here to make you and your girlfriend's dreams come true. I offer the best couples massage in Las Vegas. You won't believe how soft my touch can be. Just imagine taking a few days off and allowing me to make all of your worries go away. I know how hard your workday can be and I want to be your peace.

I am here to take the blues away and allow you and your girlfriend to truly enjoy one another. Relationships are hard. Trust me, I know. The memories that I will leave you both with will have you grinning for months and years to come. My couples massage is the best in Las Vegas and there's a reason why so many of my companions come back to me over and over again.

Deliciously Sweet

I allow you to enjoy the sort of experience that will have you coming back again and again. My deliciously sweet demeanor makes every date a truly memorable one. Maybe you're the sort of person who enjoys being watched. I'm able to serve as your audience, cheering you on as you and your girlfriend let all of your inhibitions go.

Or perhaps you would like me to be part of the proceedings? If so, I am more than happy to oblige. I love it when couples have their way with me. Being you and your girlfriend's adorable little plaything is one of my favorite pastimes. Dress me up in any outfit that you like. Dominate me. Let me know more about the fantasies that you have never had to carry out.

I make dreams come true and I make your fantasies more attainable than you ever could have realized. Las Vegas couples massage has never been so decadent. Just imagine how fun it will be to share this moment with your significant other. Once you are both ready to share me, I will be right there waiting for you. I'm the sort of sweet treat that you both deserve. Try not to be too greedy!

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I specialize in providing couples with the sort of experiences that they are not going to receive anywhere else. When you spend time with me, you are able to be completely open with each other....and me. I help couples to tap into aspects of their relationships that do not always get explored. There's a reason why my companions continue to call me over and over again. I guarantee satisfaction and place couples in position to truly enjoy one another.

After all, why should everyone else have all of the fun? I make sure that you are able to get in on the Vegas action and I'm glad to show you and your special lady around town. I'm the perfect mixture of sexy and sweet. Don't you want to taste me for yourself? Of course you do. Please do not hesitate to give me a call the next time you are in town.